Malaysia Tourism


Malaysia, one of the mostbeautiful cities on the Southeast Asia immersed in rich cultural andtraditional heritage has emerged to be a great holiday destination for thetourist around the world today. The fascinating city of Malaysia with itspristine beaches, deep blue sea and water games, exotic islands swamped withluxurious hotels and marvelous resorts, elegant shopping complexes, restaurantsand dinning halls combined with excellent hospitality surely has become thetrendsetter for holiday goers from around the globe to say " I am on a vacationin Malaysia". Also is it mentioned that the traditional art and sculptors ofthis city blended with modern technology has found some of the highestskyscrapers that are world famous and recognized by the people from everycorner of the world. Well, well, welcome to Malaysia, the place to make holidayan experience to relish for lifetime.:


Some of the wonderfulexperiences while in Malaysia are at Penang where the excellent sights ofwonderful historical monuments and several other religious places providevisitors with a sense of peace and being. The temples, monasteries and churchesbuilt during different era of the Malaysian history have their own significanceand attraction today. The glow of rich cultural and valuable traditions blendedin the nectar of time enlightens every visitor of this beautiful island.

Kuala Lumpur

While on a Malaysia tour visitors enjoy the grandeur and unmatched beauty of this wonderful city withsome of the fascinating architecture that catches the eye of travelers. ThePetronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur regarded as the second highest tower offersshoppers with unlimited opportunities to enjoy their selections at some of theelegant shopping malls, complexes and from brands around the world.

Genting Highland

The radiance of snow withsome exclusive snow village adventures, wonderful fun filled indoor and outdoorgames and some thrilling rides at the theme park, no travelers would want tomiss out on the fun and excitement of Genting Hignland. This mountainous peakwhich is just about 30 miles away from Kuala Lumpur is one of the well knowntourist destinations from around the world while on a tour to Malaysia. It isalso popularly known as the City of Entertainment.


Some of the islands out ofthis wonderful collection of about 100 islands at Langkawi have been allowedfor the visitors from around the world. Getting immersed in the clattering ofchisels that carved some of the wonderful monuments and museum at this islandis not unusual. The interjections from every visitor on watching the naturalscenic beauty of turquoise water with green trees swaying with the wind fillsevery heart with immense pleasure. The traditional ways of making early clothescan be seen at Craft Culture village. The Telaga Harbour Park, Pulau PayarMarine Park, Pantai Kok and others including the Underwater World at Langkawi aresome of the other famous tourist destination included in the charts of Malaysiatourism by the government of this country.

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